Wi-Ai Individual Bias Software

Licensed software composed of individual units which allow an End User to obtain a report describing their susceptibility to a range of the behavioural biases that influence decision making for all of us. This is achieved by the End User answering a number (typically 7 to 10) of accessible and enjoyable questions about their responses to everyday situations. The software then calculates their Profile via our algorithms, displaying a short report onscreen.

The onscreen report includes a suggestion for compensating for the bias in question. There is an option to download a longer report as a PDF file.

The first modules address a range of common biases which are listed below. The technology is very easily adaptable to provide reports on other behavioural biases. WTL can customize the toolset to create bespoke solutions by adding further modules, depending on customer requirements.

Our basic toolset comprises feedback on at least five of the following biases:

  • Recency Bias
  • Loss Aversion
  • Confirmation Bias
  • Anchoring Bias
  • False Consensus Effect
  • Self-Serving Bias
  • Availability Heuristic
  • Optimism Bias

Standard feature set available, enhanced toolset in development

Wi-Ai Multi Bias Software & Full Profile

Licensed software comprising a number of modules of the individual bias software, blended to provide a well-rounded Profile, based on a longer question set and an advanced version of the algorithms. The software produces a longer onscreen report and a downloadable PDF report, covering all the biases tested and including commentary on how the biases interact.

Wi-Ai NextGen

Licensed software that takes the results of the End User’s interactions with Wi-Ai Individual Bias/Multi Bias tools and builds on them over time, as the End User returns to the tools (e.g. during annual or six-monthly investment reviews).

Wi-Ai NextGen analyses the results of previous uses of the tool and integrates it with the End User’s up-to-date responses to the question set in the tool, reporting on apparent changes. It also tracks differences between our forecasts of End User behaviour and their actual decision making over time. Its major enhancement over Wi-Ai Individual Bias/Multi Bias tools is the capacity to create a dialogue with the End User about the differences between what would happen if they make decisions based on their biases versus correcting for the bias and showing the effect of this (e.g. on investment growth) over time.

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